Families for International Friendship (FIF) is a voluntary, non-political association, founded in 1965. At present, FIF has about 400 members Swedish and non-Swedish comprising some 50 nationalities.

The intention of FIF is to arrange contacts between guest researchers at Uppsala University/SLU and the residents (host) of Uppsala. We want to broaden mutual cultural understanding among people from different countries in a practical way by arranging various activities such as:

*excursions within Uppland and the Stockholm region to expose our international guests to the local area and its history and to study and visit museums, go mushroom picking, skiing and skating in winter.

* social events like a Christmas party where you can experience Swedish folklore and Christmas traditions and a Pot Luck party in Spring where all participants bring food specialties from their part of the world.

*besides the above activities, FIF arranges contacts between international guests and Swedish families (host families) to find out more about Sweden and our way of living. A family may be a couple with or without children, or a single person with or without children.

We do not help out financially or provide housing for our international guests.

All work by the board and other members of the association is done on voluntary basis. The association is financed by donations from Uppsala University and SLU to cover administration costs, the hiring of venues for parties, and often subsidizing the costs to the members for tours and parties.

You can visit our homepage to apply for membership to FIF to get personal invitations to our activities.

Membership is free. Welcome!