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Christmas party at Vaksala school on 6 Dec 2015

Fifty year celebration FIF 11 Oct 2015

50th Anniversary, 1965-2015-Part 1

50th Anniversary, 1965-2015 -Part 2

Potluck party at Stabby 150510

Making easter decorations at home, 28 March 2018

Christmas party at Linnea school on 6 Dec 2014

Hiking in forest 8th September2014

Picnic in Lyssnaängen 12 July 2014

Nature hike in the foot-steps of Linné, 22 May 2014

Potluck party at Stabby 140427

Cooking traditional Swedish food 140315

Traditional Christmas Party 7 Dec 2013

Carolina Rediviva, 26 Oct 2013

Kafferep at Kerstin and Erik, 15 June 2013

Nature hike in the foot-steps of Linné, 22 May 2013

Potluck Party 20 April 2013

Visit to Bror Hjorths hus, 23 March 2013

Traditional Christmas Party 8 Dec 2012

Orienteering in Stadsskog

Picnic in Skarholmen

In memory of Inez Söderlind

Spring Potluck party in Stabby prästgård, 22nd April 2012

Skiing in Romme, 10th March 2012

Industry Museum at Salagatan, Uppsala 19 Feb 2012

Christmas party 3rd Dec 2011

Traditional Christmas Decoration 27th Nov 2011

Visit to Upplandsmuseet 13th Nov 2011

Bus trip to Gysinge 9th October 2011

Mushroom picking 3rd Sept 2011

Picnic in Lyssnaräng -17th July 2011

Visit to Skokloster on 11th June 2011

Visit to Sala silver mine 4th April 2011

Visit to Älvkarleby 2nd Oct 2010

2009 Skiing and Pot Luck party

Mushroom picking 14th Sept 2008